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Finding My Voice After Laryngectomy: A Journey of Irony

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Recently, I had my yearly follow-up appointment with my ENT surgeon. Usually, it's a simple visit, just saying hello, getting a scope, and going home.But this time, something strange happened – I felt incredibly anxious for no apparent reason.
monster and unicorn

Embracing My Uniqueness: From Monster to Unicorn

In this journey of self-discovery, my feelings about myself have undergone several stages. You might think it's just a passing phase and that I'm still the same person, but I beg to differ. I currently see myself as a unicorn, which symbolizes rarity, uniqueness, and being different.
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What Are Your Fears?

What really frightens you? I'm not talking about passing worries or temporary jitters. I'm referring to those deep-rooted fears that grip your heart and refuse to let go.

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