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Head and Neck Cancer-Related CEU Courses for SLPs

Atos Medical Health Care Professional CEU Courses

AHNS International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer

The Fall Voice Conference


Head and Neck 


The Norton School Head and Neck Lymphedema

Foundations in Manual Therapy: Voice and Swallowing Disorders

McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program

University of Wisconsin Voice and Swallow Lecture Series

Talking About Dysphagia

National Lymphedema Network Microconference

Management of Lymphedema Affecting The Head And Neck 

Head & Neck Lymphedema Management

Head and Neck Lymphedema: Evaluation and Treatment

Head & Neck Lymphedema Management

Lymphedema Management of the Head and Neck

Myofascial Release and Other Manual Techniques in Dysphagia Management

APTA Oncology 

PORI Core–neck-cancer-rehabilitation.html 

Radiation-Associated Dysphagia (RAD) Part 1: Etiology and Toxicitiy (MedBridge)

Radiation-Associated Dysphagia (RAD) Part 2: Evaluation and Management (MedBridge)
Dysphagia Management in Head and Neck Cancer (

Early Detection of Head and Neck Cancer: The SLP’s Role (
Laryngectomy Basics for Healthcare Providers (

Improving Speech Intelligibility, Mastication, and Quality of Life in Patients with Trismus (

Personalizing the Therapy Experience for Patients with Head and Neck Cancer (University of Wisconsin Online Medical Education)

The Evolving Swallow: Managing the Effects of Surgery, Chemo, and Radiation (Carolina Speech Pathology)

The ARK-J Program Trismus Intervention Certification Course for SLPs (in-person course)

CIAO Seminars

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