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The Laryngectomy Site

Are you or someone close to you about to undergo a total laryngectomy? You are not alone.

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Lary’s Speakeasy Laryngectomy Throat Cancer Group

Lary’s Speakeasy Mission Statement: Providing Hope for the Future by Supporting and Educating Each Other, our Families and the Medical Community serving the larygectomee community.

Private Group, started 8/12/2011


Find a LANA Certified Specialist

The Lymphology Association of North America, LANA, is a non-profit corporation specializing in the certification of healthcare professionals who diagnose and/or treat lymphedema and related disorders. LANA was created following the 1998 American Cancer Society Lymphedema Workshop recommendation to establish certification guidelines to assure that specific treatments and facilities meet state-of-the-art criteria. The multidisciplinary LANA Board of Directors, including physicians, nurses, and therapists, identified the need for and subsequently created a national certification examination.


The Swallows Head and Neck Cancer Group

Welcome to the Swallows
We are an International Head and Neck Cancer Charity. We are known as “The Swallows Head and Neck Cancer Group” because of the difficulty a lot of people have with swallowing, this group is designed to provide help with patients and carers.
The Swallows was formed by like minded cancer patients to help and support fellow sufferers and their carers. If you are looking for support please come to our meeting.


SPOHNC – Support for People with Oral, Head and Neck Cancer

Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer (SPOHNC) is a nonprofit organization involved in the development of programs of support. As such it can have an enormous positive impact on meeting the psychosocial needs of patients as well as preserving, restoring and promoting physical and emotional health. SPOHNC is dedicated to raising awareness and meeting the needs of oral and head and neck cancer patients through its resources and publications. SPOHNC is on Facebook.   


Cancer Care 

CancerCare® is the leading national organization dedicated to providing free, professional support services including counseling, support groups, educational workshops, publications and financial assistance to anyone affected by cancer. All CancerCare services are provided by oncology social workers and world-leading cancer experts.

Trusted, compassionate information for people with cancer and their families and caregivers, from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the voice of the world’s cancer physicians and oncology professionals.


Head and Neck Cancer Alliance

Our mission is to advance prevention, detection, treatment and rehabilitation of oral, head and neck cancers through public awareness, research, advocacy and survivorship. Through united and collaborative efforts, HNCA provides support to head and neck cancer patients throughout the year, supports ongoing research in head and neck oncology and educates children and adults in the disease process, treatment and prevention of oral, head and neck cancers. Head and Neck Cancer Alliance is on Facebook.


InHealth Quarterly Zoom Meetings

InHealth’s quarterly “Happy Hour”


NFOSD – National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders

Our commitment is to provide patient hope and improve quality of life for those suffering from all types of swallowing disorders. By enhancing direct patient support, education, research and raising public, professional and governmental awareness, our mission is to advance the prevention and treatment of swallowing disorders in our lifetime.


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The Oley Foundation 

Founded in 1983 by Lyn Howard, MD and her patient, Clarence “Oley” Oldenburg, the Oley Foundation is a national, independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that strives to enrich the lives of patients dependent on home intravenous nutrition (parenteral) and tube feeding (enteral) through education, advocacy, and networking. The Foundation also serves as a resource for consumer’s families, clinicians and industry representatives, and other interested parties. Programs are directed by the staff and guidance is provided by a board of dedicated professionals and patients.


Dr. Itzhak Brook, MD

Dr Itzhak Brook is a physician that underwent a Total Laryngectomy in 2006. He’s among the leading experts on Laryngectomy issues in the US. You will find these links very helpful to learn everything about laryngectomies.
“The Laryngectomee Guide” Free eBook: – Paperback and Kindle:
The Laryngectomee Guide – Expanded Edition: Free eBook – Paperback and Kindle: at
Dr Brook’s website:

The Laryngectomy Site: Glossary


HNC Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can be “Public”, “Open”  or “Closed” – Public groups are just that, anyone can see them, post to them, nothing is “private”, if you post there, it could show up on your timeline/newsfeed.  Open groups generally have some restrictions on who can post, and postings may or may not show up on your timeline/newsfeed.  Closed Groups are “confidential”, not visible to anyone but members (other than their main page for signups, of course), posts do not show up on timeline/newsfeed.  If you want to post a question but are concerned about someone seeing it, typically you can ask the group’s administrator to post it on your anonymous behalf. 

Adult GJ, J tube only Feeding Group

Private Group, started 6/15/18

Adult Gtube Only Feeding Group

This is a closed Group to support those with Gastronomy (G) Feeding Tubes. Emphasis on feeding tube and stoma care and maintenance for those with a Gtube. No sales or donations, no advertising other groups will be allowed.
Private Group, Started 6/12/18

Adult Tube Feeding 

This group is for medical necessity tube feeding individuals, their caregivers, their family and friends that make up their support network. I have created this group with the hopes of getting those who Tube Feed and their support or care givers an area where we can learn and educate themselves on what tube feeding is and the language and basic issues that impact the community. This is an open forum blog area dedicated to Adult tube feeding with emphasis on educating individuals about tube feeding. Specific tube feeding groups associated to this group and dedicated to resolving the issues depending on the type of feeding tube you have.

Adult Tube Feeding Group Sales and Donations

Closed Group for Members of the Adult Tube Feeding, all Sells/Donations are restricted to Tube feeding items, assessories, formula, tube pads and support items required for medical necessity tube feeding.
Private group, Started 2017

Care givers for laryngectomees

This group is SOLELY for care givers to people who have had a laryngectomy. It is NOT a group for larys. It is a safe place for care givers to talk in private about issues that affect them as care givers. You can ask advice, chat, moan, off load, whatever you feel you need to do.
Private Group, started October 3, 2016

Esophageal Speech & Artificial Larynx Support Group

Esophageal Speech (ES) and Artificial Larynx (AL) Support Group will work with our community to help us master some of the alternative options of speech available to us beyond the TEP.
Private Group, started 7/15/2022

Esophageal Speech Support

Instruction lead by a trained and experienced Instructor on initiating Esophageal Speech
Private Group, started 7/22/2015

Feeding Tube Answers Group

Simply a place to find and share answers to basic tube feeding questions. Archived answers can be found by typing keywords into the Search box.

Wall posts must be composed in the form of a question. This group is NOT for personal or professional stories, buying/selling/giving away medical supplies, or for sharing pages, links, etc., but there are several other great support groups that encourage posts other than basic Q and A.
Private group, started 3/17/12

Head and Neck Cancer Carers Support Group

Seeing someone you love going through head and neck cancer can be a difficult experience. Being a carer can test your relationship in ways you didn’t imagine. This group is a safe place to share that journey with other carers going through it too, and keep it real.
Private group, Started 2016

Head and Neck Cancer Survivors

Good for radiation issues
Offering compassion and emotional support for those affected by Head and Neck cancers.
Private Group, started 2/5/14

Independent Association of Laryngectomees

Private Group, started 9/9/2016

International Association of Laryngectomees

Support for IAL members, professionals, throat cancer victims and carers
Private Group, started 6/17/2012

International Association of Laryngectomees Voice Institute

Started 6/28/2017 


Grupo de información, intercambio de experiencias y ayuda a personas laringectomizadas y familiares.
Public group, started 4/16/2009

Laryngectomee Society

The Laryngectomee society is a voluntary self-help rehabilitation group of cancer survivors who have undergone surgery for the removal of their larynx (voice box) as treatment for cancer of the throat. Patients undergoing laryngectomy have to cope with numerous physical, functional, social and psychological changes, in addition to the loss of normal speech.

Public Group, started 7/28/2015

Laryngectomy-Glossectomy Support

Supporting those with Laryngectomy and or Glossectomy and their Carers
Private Group, started 5/13/17

Laryngectomy Support

Group exists to share info on laryngectomy, a forum where people can discuss their experiences and share their ideas.
Private Group, started 3/1/09

Laryngectomy Support Ireland

A group to help members adjust to this “new Normal” life.
Private Group, started, 7/15/18

Laryngectomy Tips, Help, & Support Group

610 Members / 96 posts last Month

Lary’s Romanian Voice

A group to help members adjust to this new normal life.
Private Group, started 7/26/18

Lary’s Speakeasy Laryngectomy Throat Cancer Group

Lary’s Speakeasy Mission Statement: Providing Hope for the Future by Supporting and Educating Each Other, our Families and the Medical Community serving the larygectomee community.

Private Group, started 8/12/2011

Lary’s Travel Group

A travel support group for laryngectomees, by laryngectomees.

207 Members 8 posts / mo

Lary’s Voice

Supporting all Laryngectomees, Head, Neck, & Throat cancers, their carers, families, and the medical profession serving them.                       
Private Group, started  2/1/18     

La Voz de los Laringectomizados

Grupo creado y gestiónanos por Asociación Barcelonesa de Laringectomizados para dar     
Visibilidad, ante la sociedad del colectivo de afectados y afectadas.
Public group, started, 10/15/18

Let’s Talk Laryngectomy Support Group

Help for patients and their support families.
Public Group, started 9/6/17

Orange County Lost Chord Club

The Orange County Lost Chord Club (OCLCC) is a support group for laryngectomees (and all individuals with related or similar problems), their spouses and other family members, caregivers, and concerned health care professionals.
Private Group, started 5/7/2018

Servox Guru

This group is for people who have questions about the Servox artificial larynges. Helpful hints are provided to extend the life and service of the Servox. 

Public Group, started 12/13/2013


Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer

Strictly Speaking a Laryngectomy Support Group

For those who have had or about to have a Laryngectomy. friends, family and health
professionals are welcome as well.
Private Group, started 6/19/14

Survivors of Head and neck Cancer

Our mission is to serve as a source of emotional, physical and spiritual encouragement for those who have undergone treatment for any form of head and neck cancer, their families and caregivers.
Private Group Started 1/21/09

The Swallows Head and Neck Cancer Support Group

Welcome to the Swallows
We are an International Head and Neck Cancer Charity. We are known as “The Swallows Head and Neck Cancer Group” because of the difficulty a lot of people have with swallowing, this group is designed to provide help with patients and carers.
The Swallows was formed by like minded cancer patients to help and support fellow sufferers and their carers. If you are looking for support please come to our meeting.

Texas Laryngectomee Association

A nonprofit organization dedicated to total rehabilitation of the laryngectomee through training of the laryngectomee, spouse, families, speech professionals, and students of speech pathology.
Started, 1/21/19

Throat and Oral Cancer Survivors

Good for radiation issues
A group for survivors of cancers of the throat and neck, families, and caregivers. Totally secret & private
Private group, Started 2009


To help assure the highest quality home care for children with tracheostomies.  To provide needed tracheostomy information in order to ease some of the anxiety related to caring for a child with a trach. A well-informed family will usually experience less anxiety.  To facilitate parent-to-parent networking and support. Information is necessary for parents of medically challenged children, however what often helps parents most is knowing that they are not alone.
Private Group, 

UK & Europe Laryngectomy support

Created to help UK/European laryngectomy patients and their families.
Private group, started 2/16/17

WebWhispers Facebook Group

Open to all survivors of cancer of the throat and larynx, their caregivers, families, friends, and professionals who serve our community. 
Private Group, started 11/5/14

Young Neck Breathers (U49)

We are an online community of Young Neck Breathers. Did you know the average age of a Laryngectomee is 55 years old? This group aims to help and support those that are searching to connect with other younger laryngectomees and their caregivers, particularly those 49 years old & younger.

Private Group, started 2/27/2018



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