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The Telephone: Frenemy to Laryngectomees

Yesterday was a banner day in the world of telephone communications! Earlier this week on a Zoom meeting there was a big discussion on the horror story that is trying to use and be understood on a telephone, especially when computer systems are engaged.

Beyond The Broken: Kintsugi And Laryngectomy

A few days ago, I went with a good friend to a Kintsugi class at a local Art Center. It was described as a workshop of healing and exploration. We have both been trying to get ourselves out of winter funk and try our hands and minds at some new challenges. Both of us are Cancer survivors and while I have a more obvious result of mine, we do struggle not to fixate on our experiences but to more forward with joy and thanks at life.

Ski More, Talk Less

Len surrounded by kids asking why he talks funny

I’m riding up the lift with several of my 5-to-9- year-old students. One boy asks the question I’ve been expecting: “Coach Len, why do you talk with a speaker?” Another chimes in: “Why does your voice sound funny?” I replied that I no longer have a voice box due to cancer. “Oh,” they said, accepting the explanation. After all, they were there to ski and have fun.

Voice Cloning for the Laryngectomee Community

voice cloning

After a biopsy on July 12, 2023, my doctors informed me that my survival depended on removing my cancerous vocal cords—and thus my natural voice—in an operation I had on Sept. 5, 2023. My voice was an essential part of my identity, so this was a traumatic next step in my battle with cancer.  I addressed it by embarking on a race to record my voice so I could later take advantage of the emerging technology of AI-based voice cloning, including both text-to-speech and real-time voice-to-voice cloning.

10 Things You Should Know

10 things you should know

When you receive a cancer diagnosis, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you receive. As you begin to digest the news and make plans, consider these 10 suggestions for moving forward more confidently.

Themistocles Gluck – The True Father Of Laryngectomy

First laryngectomy

Most head and neck surgeons and ENT-specialists may know that the first laryngectomy for cancer was performed by Billroth on 31 December 1873. Billroth´s assistant, Vincenz Czerny, had outlined the operation in experimental surgery on dogs in 1870. Three years later, Billroth performed laryngectomy on the first human patient.

Helping To Train SLPs On TEP Changes!

Training SLPs on TEP insertion

A few weeks ago, my SLP asked me if I would be willing to take part in a hands-on training for SLPs in changing TEPs in our local clinic. This is what happened

Finding My Voice After Laryngectomy: A Journey of Irony


Hey there, friend! It’s been quite a journey, and I can hardly believe it’s been nearly three years since my laryngectomy. Can you imagine living without a voice box? I sure couldn’t when I first started this journey. Let me take you through a recent appointment with my radiologist, where a twist of irony and […]

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