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First laryngectomy

Themistocles Gluck – The True Father Of Laryngectomy

Most head and neck surgeons and ENT-specialists may know that the first laryngectomy for cancer was performed by Billroth on 31 December 1873. Billroth´s assistant, Vincenz Czerny, had outlined the operation in experimental surgery on dogs in 1870. Three years later, Billroth performed laryngectomy on the first human patient.

This article was written by By Benedikt J Folz and originally published in ENT & AUDIOLOGY NEWS VOLUME 30 ISSUE 2 MAY/JUNE 2021. Read the story here.

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Ronnie Miller
Ronnie Miller
6 months ago

Very nice article. We can all be thankful that we have the medical technology that we have today. I had my surgery Nov. 2, 2022.


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