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The Telephone: Frenemy to Laryngectomees

The telephone: Friend, enemy, or friendemy?

Yesterday was a banner day in the world of telephone communications! Earlier this week on a Zoom meeting there was a big discussion on the horror story that is trying to use and be understood on a telephone, especially when computer systems are engaged.

Beyond The Broken: Kintsugi And Laryngectomy

A few days ago, I went with a good friend to a Kintsugi class at a local Art Center. It was described as a workshop of healing and exploration. We have both been trying to get ourselves out of winter funk and try our hands and minds at some new challenges. Both of us are Cancer survivors and while I have a more obvious result of mine, we do struggle not to fixate on our experiences but to more forward with joy and thanks at life.

Helping To Train SLPs On TEP Changes!

Training SLPs on TEP insertion

A few weeks ago, my SLP asked me if I would be willing to take part in a hands-on training for SLPs in changing TEPs in our local clinic. This is what happened

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