Lary's Speakeasy


"As an example of what Lary’s Speakeasy does, when I was having trouble with my prosthesis, I was prescribed a liquid that I had to use to keep the flange in the prosthesis free from getting stuck, This liquid had to be purchased at a pharmacy with a medical prescription, and the cost is $55 a pint, after my medical discounts. Trammell, through a special program, gets me the liquid at $4 a pint. It’s quite a difference in cost."
-M. T.
"We have just been introduced to your organization & are very grateful. Our insurance is working with Atos to become in-network. Please accept this small monetary donation to show our gratitude."
- T. & B. L.
"I've been a member for years and always tried to be positive and helpful to others."
-T. L.
"Thank you so very much for allowing us to borrow the electrolarynx!It was so helpful to have it around, as the patient is progressing in his recovery."
- K. Y.
"Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your help in acquiring an electrolarynx.I'm so grateful to have found you. I am a per diem SLP with a home care agency, so there is little to no money available for supplies and training from my organizing."
- C. R., SLP
"Thank you for the scholarship to attend the IAL conference from Lary's Speakeasy.The IAL meetings and speech therapy groups were very beneficial to me."
- J. K.

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